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May 13, 2015


Is The PSI Rule Fair For All?

by Larry Leek

Yesterday The NFL handed down it’s punishment on New England QB, Tom Brady suspending the Patriots QB for four games for allegedly having the teams footballs under inflated, violating NFL rules. The Patriots organization was also fined $1 million and 2-draft picks.

The patriots lost their 1st rd, pick in the 2016 draft and a 4th rd. pick in 2017. Patriots owner Robert Craft firmly backed Brady on the accusations in a statement on Monday Kraft criticized the investigation on which the punishment was based and said Brady had the team’s “unconditional support” and that its “belief in him has not wavered.”

“Despite our conviction that there was no tampering with footballs, it was our intention to accept any discipline levied by the league,” Kraft went on to say. “Today’s punishment, however, far exceeded any reasonable expectation. It was based completely on circumstantial rather than hard or conclusive evidence”.

Since there’s never been any undenyable proof that Brady was actually involved in the conspiracy it appears the NFL prefers the set their own standard on how justice is served.

As far as the actual psi violation, the NFL rule book calls for a $25k fine and is considered a misdemeanor. To give you an example of HOW misdemeanor, When Jimmy Graham was playing with the Saints he was fined $30 for dunking the ball over the goal post, which became a rule violation in 2014. Brady will appeal the ruling by Goodell and could get the suspension reduced.

Is the suspension by the NFL too harsh, When the violation is considered a misdemeanor? Of course it is likely that the extreme punishment was levied because the NFL feels that Brady lied about the violation, by refusing to let investigators have his phone to check text’s believed to prove Brady’s involvement.

But it’s uncertain how the NFL can make make such a BOLD statement with out those text’s and considering that Brady was never actually proven guilty. Is is possible that Brady could sue the NFL for it’s decision and accusations, based on the facts in the case?

This Is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject.

Four Games, when I calculate that x Brady’s yearly salary it comes to $500k a game, so that’s $2 million that Brady will lose over the four games. That is JUST slightly more than the amount listed in the NFL’s rule book for the violation ($25k).

WOW $30k for dunking the ball over a goal post, unbelievable. You would think since the NBA has a slam dunk contest, that the NFL would at least allow their players to dunk a post. The NFL made dunking illegal in 2014 when Saint’s TE, Jimmy Graham damaged a goal post while performing the feat. WELL if they damage the goal post, I think they probably have enough cash to replace it, so instead of making it illegal, make em fix it, DUH.

Back to Tom Brady. I think this could have serious repercussions on the NFL should Brady really want to push the pencil, I mean after all in a court of law everyone is considered innocent until PROVEN guilty and Proven means Without a Shadow Of A Doubt and I’m not seeing it.

The NFL is upset with Brady for allegedly lying about it all well you know if you think about it there’s probably more lying and cheating that goes on every Sunday in the NFL than fly’s drawn to a plate of maple syrup. Every time a player holds it’s cheating and you can’t tell me he didn’t mean to do it, but of course he will lie and say he didn’t. A running back can fumble a ball while still completely vertical and will blatantly claim that he was down when it was clear he wasn’t. Last time I checked that’s lying. If the NFL is going to suspend a player for 4 games, costing him $2 million in pay, over a $25k misdemeanor violation and the reason for the hike is because they BELIEVE he lied, then why don’t they clean up ALL the lying that goes on week after week?

When they see a player lying to the whole world over a flagrant penalty or an incomplete pass when the replay plainly show’s otherwise. If the NFL is so worried about it’s image in a violent sport. Why don’t they tell these players they will be suspended if caught lying again to a NATIONAL audience?

Now as far as the NFL’s psi rule. Is the rule completely fair? one lb. psi is not that much at all and no where near an actual lb.

My sports Mind tells me that all NFL QB’s are NOT created equal, especially when you consider the size of the hand, which is really the issue, The smaller the QB’s hands are the more difficult it can be to effectively grip the football, especially in wet conditions, which can cause all kinds of problems concerning distance and accuracy.

My Sports Mind tells me that to only have a tolerance of one psi is not enough and also that the NFL has not put enough research into the rule OR the tolerance set forth. My Sports Mind tells me it would be more logical to set the psi according to the QB’s hand size in order to make it more even keel, just like they have parity concerning keeping teams competitive thru the draft, this could work the same way. Of course you research it to determine the psi tolerances.

What if the NFL told all the players they had to wear a size 11 cleat, but they would allow minimum a size 10? I’m sure there’s quite a few players that wouldn’t make it into the NFL. What if all players had to wear the same size helmet? You think there’s alot of head injury’s now. I can tell you for sure it’s NO different with fully inflated footballs and smaller hands.

If you are going to input a new rule, don’t just pull out a set of dice to determine the guidelines and punishment. Take some time and THINK it over and determine why you need the rule and is it fair for EVERYONE and if NOT, you research and if you are NOT willing to do that you should just delete the thought all together because once you start going all over the chart and even OFF the chart with little thought involved when making decision’s on how to punish rule violators you are just setting yourself up for a fall in the end.

Ultimately I do think Brady’s suspension will be reduced to 2-games after Brady’s appeal, but In My Sports Mind a $25k fine would have been plenty when you consider what we are talking about here.

So Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject?

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