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May 8, 2015

Cowboys Have 3-First Rounders, STEAL Of The Century?

by Larry Leek
STEAL Of The Century, Cowboys 3-first Rounders


In Sudden developments The Dallas Cowboys met with and signed undrafted free agent  OT La’el Collins, LSU today. Collins who was expected to be drafted very early in Rd. 1 of last weeks NFL draft went undrafted due to Collins former girlfriend being murdered in a double murder in which her and her baby (unborn at the time of her death) both died.

Last week prior to the start of the draft it was announced that offensive tackle La’el Collins of LSU was being sought for questioning by Baton Rouge police in the murder of his former girlfriend. Collins had not been named as a suspect, but police just wanted to talk to him and to this point no charges have been filed. Collins has maintained his innocence thru out but it wasn’t enough to prevent all 32-teams from by-passing the all american offensive tackle thru out all seven rds. of last weeks draft. La’el indeed had his pick however of ANY of the 32-teams as an undrafted free agent because all of them were seeking his services, BUT Collins chose the Cowboys and said he wanted to be a Cowboy all along. So with Dallas using the 27th pick of the 1st rd. they chose CB Byron Jones, U Conn. Then in rd. 2 they drafted Nebraska’s Randy Gregory, DT who was also projected to go early in Rd. 1 and fell in the Cowboys lap with the 60th pick because he had failed the drug test for Marijuana at the NFL combine last month. Now with the signing of Collins today the Cowboys basically have 3-potential first rounders signed up and all three are expected to attend the Cowboys mini camp this week. Does these three give the Cowboys a huge boost in their chances for contending for future Super Bowls?

This is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject.

For YEARS I have rode Cowboys owner Jerry Jones like a bucking bronco to the point that he would have long since became a timid little broken down saddle horse by now, because of all the BONE headed moves he’s made since letting Head Coach Jimmy Johnson go over 20 yrs. ago. For years it appeared that Jones only fielded a team with no incentive to winning. I have been a fan of the team since age 6 and had all but came to the conclusion that as long as Jones owned the team I would NEVER see them win another Super Bowl again and then something delightful happened. Jerry’s son Steven Jones came along and apparently over all those years he had been taking notes, making a bold move in last years draft when rumors tell that Jerry had Johnny Manziel’s name written on the Cowboys first round draft card but before he could turn it in, son Steven grabbed the card from his hand and opted for offensive tackle Zack Martin out of Notre Dame. I was watching the draft that night and at the time of the Cowboys 1st rd. pick I was screaming at the TV because all I heard was that Dallas was gonna draft Manziel and I was opposing the selection with ALL my will. When I finally heard the selection my first initial thought was WOW, who smacked some sense into Jerry? Then later of course I found out who. But after this years draft I was extremely pleased with the Cowboys selections, especially with the picks from rounds 1-3. You know about the first two because much has been said about them, but not as much has been said about the selection of OT and BEAST Chaz Green of Florida who was also another gem the Cowboys got. But now with the signing of offensive tackle and BEAST La’el Collins I’m like a kid in a candy store and for the first time in a LONG time I’m happy about what’s going on with the Cowboys and also very optimistic. My ONLY remaining question’s are 1. RB and believe me with the offensive line the Cowboys are going to field I don’t believe that problem is going to be that difficult to overcome. for one, I think newly acquired RB, Darren McFadden can and WILL excel behind this mammoth O-line and I’m looking forward to the Resurrection of his once promising career which seemed to have been dashed when being drafted by the futile Raiders seemed to have killed that possibility. 2. QB, Can Tony Romo stay healthy thru 16+ games, can he be as good as he was in 2014 and when are they going to draft an young franchise QB to go with this rebuilt team they now have? But for now I have to say probably the biggest addition thus far has been Jerry Jones son Steven Jones to the Cowboys war room and I would like to personally welcome him.

So Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject?


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