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May 2, 2015

Cowboys STEAL Gregory, Dramatically Improve Defense

by Larry Leek
APTOPIX NFL Draft Football

New Dallas Cowboy, Randy Gregory,

The Dallas Cowboys made a dramatic turn towards improving their defense on Friday night during the 2015 NFL Draft, by selecting Nebraska’s Randy Gregory, DE with the 60th pick of the draft during round 2 action. For weeks leading up to the draft EVERY mock draft had Gregory listed as one of the top 5 players in the draft and then Gregory failed the drug test for Marijuana at the NFL combine.

Since then Gregory has admitted he needs help in combating the issue and in fact has told any team that drafted him, would have to have a support system in place to help him be ALL he can be. Some might see that request as a bit much and feel that the unproven rookie has no room to barter for something like that, If the rookie DE can stay clean he does have tremendous upside and now that the Cowboys have signed pass rush specialist Greg Hardy, the thought of having Hardy & Gregory on the same defensive line has to have Cowboy’s fans excited, not to mention they already have last years draft pick DE DeMarcus Lawrence whom they moved up to pick with the 2nd pick of round 2 last year, 34th overall. If everything works out you can consider the Cowboys defensive line’s rebuilding process complete. The Cowboys also used their 1st rd. pick in this years draft the 27th pick overall to select CB Byron Jones from Connecticut and they used their 3rd rd. pick the 91st pick overall to draft YES yet another OT, Chaz Green from Florida who is also a beast. So now both of the Cowboys lines are going to be SOMETHING to be reckoned with for sure. The only obstacle that be could standing in the way of the Cowboy’s success on defense is the issue of conduct OFF the field. This is nothing new to the Cowboys, the team has had issues with other players over the years and because of those issues, they no doubt have the best support program for troubled players than any other team in the NFL, so there is a very positive outlook from the teams stand point.

This Is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject.

Getting Randy Gregory in the 2nd round was in FACT a steal by the Cowboys and when you listen to Gregory he does sound sincere about overcoming his vices, that’s not always as easy as we like to believe, but in the end will power will always win out. Marijuana is rapidly becoming more and more acceptable in this country and also will probably be legal almost everywhere in a few years most experts believe BUT for now it is not and it is also a banned substance in the NFL and until that changes, these young athletes that stand to make MILLIONS of dollars need to learn to make better LIFE choices that could ultimately effect their future. Gregory’s bad decision to use Marijuana before the NFL combine ultimately and sadly ended up costing him millions in the end at least for now. I do believe being drafted by Dallas is a good thing for Gregory because they do have the BEST support program in place of any team for issues such as these. At the end of the day if the signing of DE Greg Hardy and drafting DE, Randy Gregory does work out as planned, Dallas has just went from a mediocre front line to likely the best defensive line in the NFL. Randy Gregory had some message’s after not being drafted in rd. one and also to the NFL after being drafted by the Cowboys. Prior to being drafted by Dallas, Gregory stated,

“I didn’t sleep last night because I feel like I let my family and the people who believe in me down, and I’m sorry for that. But I’m going to use this as fuel. The franchise that drafts me won’t have to worry about me off the field, but the teams that didn’t select me WILL have to worry about me on the field.”

and afterwards Gregory said “The Cowboys are going to take over the league”

Coming from this Cowboys fan, I hope he’s right. My Sports Mind tells me that Gregory was WELL worth the risk at this spot, it’s a great selection to me, I feel the possibilities well out weigh the risk because if Gregory and recently signed pass rush specialist Greg Hardy mesh well together along with promising and talented DeMarcus Lawrence, the Cowboys have all of a sudden became a FORCE to be reckoned with on defense. They still might want to consider looking at a RB in possibly rd. 4 today when the draft resumes. With questions still surrounding their running game since DeMarco Murray departed for Philly. Darren McFadden might be the answer, but his NFL track record has been anything but promising. However perhaps running behind the best offensive line in football will remedy that. But for now it appears that the Cowboys status as Super Bowl Contenders has taken a dramatic step in the right direction.

So Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject?




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