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April 30, 2015

As Rumors Swirl, Where Will He Go?

by Larry Leek

Oregon’s, Marcus Mariota,

With The 2015 NFL draft just hours away the rumors are already beginning to swirl about possible trade scenarios with teams trying to move up to grab Oregon QB, Marcus Mariota and also it has been rumored about a possible three way trade involving Tennessee, Cleveland and Philadelphia.

The NFL draft has always had it’s rumors leading up to the big day and also it’s surprises before and also during the draft. This morning on ESPN’s Mike and Mike, Adam Schefter (ESPN Annalist) reported that there was a possible trade in the works between The Titans, Browns and Eagles in which Philadelphia would send Sam Bradford and the Eagles first rd. pick to Cleveland in exchange for one or possibly BOTH of the Browns first rd. picks in this draft (Cleveland owns the 12th & 19th picks) to the Eagles, and also the Eagles would then give Cleveland’s pick(s) to Tennessee for their first rd. pick which happens to be the second overall pick of the draft. The Eagles of course would use that pick to select Oregon QB, Marcus Mariota. The Browns had actually tried to acquire Bradford from the Rams prior to Bradford being traded to Philadelphia last month, however Bradford made it known that IF traded to the Browns he would NOT sign an extension with the team at the end of the 2015 season.  There are also rumors going around that the Jets will attempt to trade up and grab Mariota as well. Word is also going around that there is still going to be a deal between the Minnesota Vikings and some team, concerning RB, Adrian Peterson. Who that team might be is the BIG question. Will it be the Cowboys? Also another disturbing rumor concerning LSU offensive tackle La’el Collins in the aftermath of his pregnant girl friends murder, with teams unsure of the outcome of the police investigation, numerous team officials are saying the OT, who is predicted to go in rd. 1, might not be drafted at all.

This is Whats On My Sports Mind About these subject’s.

If you read my mock draft article and saw where I had Cleveland reaching for Bryce Petty with their second pick of round 1. you will note that I did have Cleveland reaching for yet another QB in the draft as in recent drafts like last year when they reached for former Texas A&M QB, Johnny Manziel. With so MANY hit and misses by the Browns over the years, concerning QB’s you have to feel that they shouldn’t even bother wasting their time on the position, maybe they should consider hiring a third party to do ALL of their drafting FOR them. Now I hear they are interested and have been interested in acquiring former Ram, now Eagle QB, Sam Bradford and not only that, but that they are willing to give up minimal one first round draft pick (the Browns own two) in this years draft in order to acquire the rights to the 6th year and often injured QB. My Sports Mind tells me to ask the question, “ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!” I can’t help but wonder who holds the key card in the Browns war room and I also can’t help but believe the key card in this case has to be the Joker. Even reaching for QB, Bryce Petty in the draft sounds better than this trade. I was shocked when the Eagles traded for Bradford also I’m even more shocked that Eagles Head Coach, Chip Kelly would actually think that there would be any favorable interest in Bradford from ANY team, let alone that any team would see any real value in Bradford. Unless it’s a small price to pay for his services he’s just not worth losing that much over and now I’m completely FLOORED at the thought that there is actual interest in the often injured QB that has only enjoyed mediocre ratings thru out his career. In My Sports Mind, Chip Kelly should be stuck with the awful trade he made for Sam Bradford, because quite frankly I feel Bradford’s value is equally compared to the value of an empty acorn shell (with nothing to give) to a squirrel. I just DO NOT see the value there. But does it surprise me that the Brownies are interested? Absolutely NOT. The draft has been so bad to Cleveland thru out the years (solely due to their own incompetence) that I’m surprised that Commissioner Goddell hasn’t suspended the Browns from participating on grounds of substance abuse. You can’t help but wonder IF/what they are smoking up there. Head Coach, Chip Kelly will look like a genius IF he pulls this trade off at the same time making the Browns organization look like even BIGGER Idiots than they have managed to make their own self look over the years and that’s a REALLY tough task. The same goes for Viking’s RB, Adrian Peterson who is 30 yrs. old and entering his 9th year in the league. In My Sports Mind, Peterson’s is owed way too much by the Vikings (17 mil. thru 2017) than he is actually worth TODAY and it makes NO sense for team to come calling for his services with a price tag like that. Don’t they realize that his performance, as well as Sam Bradford’s is only going to get worse and their best days have come and gone? The ignorance that I see in some of the executive positions in many of the teams around the league is astonishing and it’s apparent that they have NOT done their homework concerning players OR addressed their REAL needs in some cases. What happened to OT La’el Collins girlfriend was very, very unfortunate and now it appears that Collin’s future in the League, especially his draft status has become uncertain to the point that the lineman, projected to go in the first round might not be drafted at all. If in the end Collins is found to have had no involvement in her murder, not being drafted will be such a tragic consequence for Collins to suffer thru, especially considering that he just lost his girlfriend. How much bigger of an insult to injury could there be? But with all the off field issues the NFL has had to deal with recently due to domestic violence, child abuse and murder teams are just NOT AS willing to take the risks.

So Whats On Your Sports Mind about these subject’s?




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