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April 26, 2015

Sports Columnist Stephen A. Smith Rips Patriots QB Tom Brady For No Show.

by Larry Leek

Super Bowl Champion, New England Patriots made the trip to the White House on Thursday to be honored by President Barrack Obama. The trip is made annually by the team that wins the title and this was the 4th time the Patriots had visited the White House for the occasion. One face however, though not the only face was noticeably missing from the visiting Patriots. That being the actual face of the franchise, QB Tom Brady.

On Friday sports writer Stephen A. Smith, well known for his rants ripped the QB for not showing up for the event and even went as far as to hint that the reason for Brady not showing up could be race related. Smith did take a second to rip the NFL for allowing the Patriots to show up as champs in the first place with the deflategate accusations and investigation still underway. Citing that it was just another knock against the shield before he went on his 9+ minute rant against Brady. Smith made the remark that when the Patriots won their previous three Super Bowl’s with Brady at QB in 2001, 03 and 04, while George W. Bush was in office, Brady was on hand for all three of those ceremonies, Smith said it was a lack of respect on Brady’s part. According to Brady, he had a family commitment and was unable to attend, Smith also commented saying that it was a family commitment NOT a family emergency, distinguishing between the two. While Brady was absent he wasn’t the only Patriot that was a no show. Also not attending the ceremony was former Patriots Vince Wilfolk and Brandon Browner. In fact former Patriots Derrelle Revis and Stevan Ridley were in fact ripped for being there since both are now with the New York Jets. Over the years other players have missed the ceremony as well and many have said that Smith’s comments were LONG and pointless since the event is really not all that to begin with. Basically the President say’s a few words and then he receives a team jersey. So was Stephen A. out of line with his remarks OR did he have a legitimate point?

This is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject.

I have LOVED listening to Stephen A. Smith over the years and many times he has made great points on sports issues that I have agreed with 100%, but this time I have to go the other way on this. I have no idea what Brady’s family commitment was, if there actually was one or as Stephen A. said maybe Brady’s a Republican. Who knows maybe he don’t like the way the President has carried out his duties as commander in chief. What ever the reason, I see it as none of my business and also I see it as Tom Brady’s God given American right NOT to attend, IF he don’t want to and I definitely see no reason to rip Brady to shreds when I in fact DON’T KNOW the reason why he did not attend, I don’t want to speculate but I sure do NOT think it had anything to do with race. The Patriots, like all other NFL teams have numerous African Americans on their team and I have heard nothing about Brady skipping team meetings so I would have to tell Stephen A. Smith to quit being SO sensitive about the matter. Now if no Patriots had shown up I could see a cause for concern, but not because a few didn’t even if one of those few did happen to be the face of the franchise. It could be that Brady had the premonition that Obama was going to throw in a jab about deflategate and he’s fed up with hearing about it. Or it could be that Brady don’t approve that the President is not a Patriots fan, who knows and to be perfectly honest who cares, EXCEPT Stephen A. Smith.

So What’s On Your Sports Mind on this subject?




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