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April 1, 2015


NFL Hands Out Punishments To Browns & Falcons

by Larry Leek
Falcons Stadium PA

Falcons Stadium PA, www.businessinsider

The NFL handed out fines, suspensions to the Cleveland Browns and also took a 5th round draft choice from the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday for NFL rules violations. The Browns GM Ray Farmer was suspended for the first 4-games of the 2015 NFL season and fined $250k for texting to asst. coaches and unknown team representatives over the past two seasons.

NFL Sources said the texting did not necessarily deal with strategy but with quarterback play and disputing play calling. Texting to personnel during games is a violation of the NFL’s electronic device policy. There is no evidence from the NFL’s investigation that Browns ownership or other team officials had any knowledge of the violations and the team stands firm in their support of Farmer.

The Atlanta Falcons were also fined $350k and will forfeit a 2016 5th round draft pick for piping crowd noise in thru their stadium speakers during home games over the last two seasons. The NFL charges that the Falcons piped in crowd noise while opposing teams were huddling on offense in order to make it difficult for players to hear play calls and also during teams signal calling thou Many league officials do not believe the FAKE crowd noise would have hurt signal calling since teams today use snap counts that render crowd noise virtually useless, However it is an NFL violation during games. Team owner Arthur Blank stated that the team accepts the NFL’s punishment and that the team will not appeal also citing that the violation is an embarrassment to the team and that the issue was dealt with harshly and swiftly. Blank made the violations public after last month and also said the team has taken measures to ensure that it does not happen again. Over the years teams have came up with MANY unique ways of trying to come up with ways of gaining advantages over opponents, as of more recent the New England Patriots were investigated both for using cameras to spy on teams during games in order to retrieve opposing teams play calls from the sidelines, popularly known as Spygate and also for Deflategate, when the team was accused for deflating  football’s during last seasons playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts. An investigation is currently ongoing in this violation. With the latest team violations being exposed concerning the Browns and Falcons, its just two more in the LONG list of team violations of simulance, however given the types violations committed by the Browns and Falcons, wouldn’t you think the kinds of questions that would surface for the most part would be pointing fingers at the two teams competent (or for the better word IN-competent)  coaching staff  as far as the Browns are concerned and the fans of the Atlanta Falcons?

This Is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject.

OK first thing I get out of these two rule violations is that they BOTH went on for at least the last two seasons and both point to incompetence concerning coaching and fan support. As for Browns GM Ray Farmer, I cannot blame Farmer for wanting to be an arm chair GM, BUT I do blame the Browns head coach because had I been the head coach, the very first time I would have been informed or gained knowledge that my GM was texting to ANYONE on my staff, second guessing ANYTHING and especially addressing my assistants with out coming to ME first, would have been in my opinion grounds for insubordination and dismissal. It would have infuriated me to no end, to the point that it either him or I would have to depart ways with the team. Also immediately after learning of the texting I would have contacted my assistants working in the booth probably asking them something along the lines of HEY!!!!!!!! is there ANYBODY IN THERE or are you guys AWAKE  OR WHAT THE HELL are you guys doing up there or maybe something like is there something or SOMEONE OBSTRUCTING your view. Because to sit there and tell me that he was ONLY texting about play calling or QB moves, just makes me laugh. You know he HAD to be seeing things going on, ON the field that he felt the proper matchups were not being taken advantage of and that the proper adjustments weren’t being made to correct the opposing teams Defensive schemes, common sense tells MY Sports Mind that in order to complain about plays called or improper QB decisions, HAD to have just a tad bit to do with those defensive schemes, so I’M absolutely positive something had to come up somewhere in the conversation about what the defensive schemes ACTUALLY were Don’t YA THINK? All of which points DIRECTLY to the coaches in the booth NOT doing their jobs. I mean Maybe the coaches there were also too busy with social media to notice that the game had started…. My next move would have been to find the closest cell phone, call the GM and inform him to NEVER contact any of my assistants not only during games but ANYTIME concerning our teams coaching decisions and that his action WILL constitute myself calling for his IMMEDIATE dismissal for insubordination.But for the coaches to allow this violation to continue to occur over the last two seasons, In My Sports Mind actually does show signs gross incompetence on their part. So maybe Farmer’s observations were in fact accurate.

Now as far as the Atlanta Falcons are concerned, this is a laugh-er beyond measure, I mean COME ON Falconeers what were you doing or in this case NOT saying? Last time I checked, that was Marshawn Lynch’s job. I know the Falcons did have disappointing seasons that last two years finishing 4-12 in 2013 and 6-10 last season but to have to pipe in crowd noise while YOU sat there in your seats???? If I was a fan of the team and was sitting there with knowledge of this, I would have went ahead and added a colorful gag to my attire probably to the tune of the opposing teams colors. I mean you may as well, because by shutting your mouth and letting the teams PA do your JOB for you, may as well be YOUR way of showing your support for the OTHER team. Why bother coming to the game? you can be somber at home and even get in a much more comfortable nap there during the game. As far as team officials, there has to be a better way to get the crowd to WAKE UP and be more vocal and in My Sports Mind, WINNING would probably be the BEST way. But you know the fans, IF they indeed truly ARE fans, have to be embarrassed about this and I can certainly understanding team owner Arthur Blank’s thoughts, whom I do applaud for making the violations known last month, because you know it had to be a tough pill for him to swallow once he learned of this and it sounds like the culprit(s) responsible for the IN-genius idea was no doubt was sent straight to the unemployment line seeking a new profession. Either way I hope that at this very moment Falcon fans all over the country are standing in front of their mirrors, with NO recording mics in hand mind you, SCREAMING out team cheers in preparation for the upcoming season……..

So Whats On Your Sports Mind on this subject?



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