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March 11, 2015

Let The Trading Begin!

by Larry Leek
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The NFL’s OWN version of March Madness began with the free agent signing period officially opening @ 4:00 PM today And It didn’t take long for teams to hit the ground RUNNING full speed. 

Thus far players have been cut, traded, signed by other teams & some players have even declared their availability to CERTAIN teams. But one things for sure, Its so wide open, the closest thing you can compare it to is the OLD WILD WEST. You have to begin with the TOP free agent Ndamukong Suh parting ways with the Detroit Lions & signing with the Miami Dolphins. Suh, who is no doubt the best DL in the NFL wasted no time in announcing last week that he had agreed to a deal with the Dolphins while it was announced today that the Ravens have traded 5-time pro bowl NT Haloti Ngata to the Lions in exchange for the Lions 2015 4th & 5th round picks. Ngata will be Suh’s replacement at nose tackle for Detroit, also making announcements of trades (Prior to the signing period opening) last week was the Philadelphia Eagles when they made it known they had traded RB  LeSean “Shady” McCoy to the Bills and Buffalo also announcing the same day they had acquired QB Matt Cassell from the Minnesota Vikings, but after todays action, that’s just the tip of the NFL Iceberg. The Packers are pleased that they was able to resign WR Randall Cobb, RB Frank Gore’s LONG stay with the 49ers officially ended today when he snubbed the Eagles & Coach Chip Kelly by signing with the Indianapolis Colts, St. Louis did make a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles by trading QB Sam Bradford to the Eagles for QB Nick Foles. Bradford is not the typical, mobile QB that would normally come from Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly’s mold, not to mention that Bradford suffered a torn ACL in his left knee, causing him to miss the entire 2014 season. In another trade the New York Jets got receiver Brandon Marshall and a 7th round pick from the Chicago Bears in exchange for a 5th round pick, both in this years draft and after Marshall passed his physical with the team, the Jets immediately announced they had released WR Percy Harvin and now in an update it’s just been announced that they are bringing back CB Darrell Revis after he was released by New England. Free agent WR Torrey Smith signs with the 49ers, signing a 5 yr. deal worth 40 million with $22 mil. guaranteed. The deal helps ease some of the sting from the shock the 49ers received when all pro LB Patrick Willis recently and prematurely announced his retirement from football. Also the New Orleans Saints traded TE Jimmy Graham and a 4th round pick to the Seahawks for C Max Unger and a the Seahawks 1st round pick in this years draft. Also after Arizona cut CB Antonio Cromartie, Cromartie informed the Dallas Cowboys that he is the missing piece on their defense, what the Cowboys think or do about it remains to be seen. So with all these moves plus more and also plenty more to come, Boy fantasy football buffs had REALLY best be doing their homework. So what’s still to come in free agency & will players that have moved to new teams thus far enjoy their new homes?

This is What’s On My Sports Mind about the subject of free agency.

FIRST let me say this, The NFL has done it YET again. They have stolen the show away from the BIG week leading up to another sports TOP event of the year March Madness. As all the major sports coverage is being focused on trades, cuts & FA signings the NCAA college basketball tournaments are quietly going on all over the country, the NFL has all but caused the NCAA to postpone games until the free agent signing period is over. Maybe they should consider it as the equillivent as a snow day. Oh well On to the trades & signings. The Dolphins have definitely got their $$ worth by acquiring Suh & they will NOT be disappointed in his play all that needs to be said about that PERIOD! BUT will Ngata fill the void for the Lions left by Suh? Even though Ngata is a 5-time pro bowler you have to wonder how much he has left in his tank. I guarantee you it’s NOT near as full as Suh’s. Shady McCoy to the Bills, I have to ask myself the same exact question as Ngata and I have to actually laugh about the Bills acquiring holder, oops I mean QB Matt Cassell. He’s going to wind up being a very expensive holder for the team in MY Sports Mind. Just when Eagles coach Chip Kelly seemed to be on the verge of stealing the free agent show, some sudden moves have caused me to question what he is planning. Many have thought Kelly might try to move up in the draft IF possible and try to nab his former college QB Marcus Mariota, but now that does not seem likely since the Eagles traded QB Nick Foles to St. Louis for QB Sam Bradford. But my question is does Bradford fit into Kelly’s offense and just when Coach Kelly thought he had the replacement for EX RB LeSean McCoy in Frank Gore, Gore shuns the Eagles and signs with the Colts. Its getting a little confusing there in Philly, HEY Coach Kelly Hint: Last I checked there was a SLEW of great RB’s in this years draft, so QUIT looking for McCoy’s replacement by an even OLDER RB. But stay tuned to the Eagles because MY Sports Mind tells me they are not done. Speaking of available RB’s in the draft and the NFL another thing on My Sports Mind is DeMarco Murray and the fact that the Cowboys have upset him so that he has taken all Cowboys Bio from his twitter page (OH MY). But with ALL the free agency frenzy taking place NO ONE , to MY knowledge has bothered to ring Murray’s phone which means as long as his phone remains silent, he is steady losing bargaining chips to play against the Cowboys in their standoff & in My Sports Mind he probably won’t get the ringing off the hook effect anyway. It would have been different had Murray’s 1st three of his four seasons with Dallas had not ended in season ending injuries. That has to concern other owners & Murray finally playing his 1st full season during his final year under his contract would also have to weigh heavy on their minds. So the BEST thing he can do is try to remain with the Cowboys and should Murray and the Cowboys part ways, I’m all but certain that Dallas will make an aggressive move to acquire Adrian Peterson from the Vikings and IF that should happen the only thing on MY Sports Mind would be, didn’t the Vikings learn anything from the 89 trade with the Cowboys OR will Dallas do a ROLE reversal by being the team to give up their future for a RB that’s more than likely past his prime?

So Whats On Your  Mind on this subject?



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