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February 24, 2015


Adrian Peterson To The Cowboys?

by Larry Leek

Adrian Peterson

CBS Sports tweeted a shocking update in the relationship (or lack there of) between RB, Adrian Peterson & the Minnesota Vikings yesterday, which appears to have severely dampened the possibility of Peterson’s return to the team.  Last week @ the combine in Indianapolis. Peterson’s agent, Ben Dogra got into a heated argument with with Vikings vice president of football operations Rob Brzezinski that got so bad the two had to be separated, concluding with Dogra claiming that Peterson would NEVER play with the Vikings again. former Tampa Bay general manager Mark Dominik intervened, separating the men and diffusing the escalating tension, sources said. Peterson, who is signed with the Vikings through 2017 and set to make $13 million in 2015, has no intention of playing again for the Vikings, sources said. Peterson, sources said, the RB lost faith and trust in the franchise after a tumultuous ordeal over his child abuse charges that resulted in him missing nearly the entire 2014 season on the Commissioner’s Exempt List while his legal situation played out. So if Peterson is out in Minnesota, the BIG question is where will Peterson be playing next season. Last season word leaked out that Peterson & Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had a phone conversation in which Peterson (a Texas native) expressed interest in playing for the Cowboys & with Cowboys RB, DeMarco Murray being an unrestricted free agent this off season things could get real interesting.

This Is Whats On My Sports Mind on this subject….

Adrian Peterson’s relationship with the Vikings was already all but done after the Vikings pretty jumped on the bandwagon with NFL & legal authorities over Peterson’s disciplinary methods concerning his son, failing to have the RB’s back over the issue & leaving Peterson laying under the NFL bus that ran him over. You can hardly blame Peterson for his feelings after spending his entire career with the team NOR can you really blame the Vikings for the stance they took, because after all this is a business & any business should strive to maintain a disciplinary system in place for situations like Peterson’s in order to keep their name clean & avoid controversy from clients. Not to mention the fact that one of the Viking’s BIGGEST sponsors was threatening to remove their sponsorship if disciplinary  measures weren’t taken. So if Peterson’s out in Minnesota, where will he go & what are the chances he could land on the Cowboys roster? A few things would have to happen in order for that to occur & ultimately the Vikings are in total control of Peterson’s football future, having him under contract thru 2017. The Cowboys have mentioned that they are going to make one more attempt to come to terms with Murray before the free agent signing period begins. If that attempt should fail, it could spell the end of Murray’s tenure in Dallas & the beginning of Peterson’s if the two teams can work out a deal. AP is 29 while Murray is 27, though its only 2 years separating the two players those two years in football terms may as well be considered dog years. Not to mention the fact that Peterson has more than double the carries (over 2000) than Murray who has 900+. So how much does Adrian have left in the tank & will missing nearly an entire season last year be a good thing or bad? Personally I’ve always believed in getting better thru youth, via the NFL draft & this year’s class is LOADED with Running backs many of which could make immediate impacts for the teams they wind up on. If I was in charge of the situation & could not resign Murray, I wouldn’t make an attempt to negotiate with the Vikings if I were Jones to fill the void left by Murray’s departure because with the Vikings owning the rights to Peterson thru 2017, the Cowboys would have to give up their future in order to acquire the aging RB and the last time that happened it went the opposite way with the vikings giving away their future and we ALL remember how that turned out and who came out on top. in My Sports Mind, unless there’s another Zack Martin quality OL available when the Cowboys pick in round 1, I would be looking to choose the best back on the board with that pick UNLESS there was a good chance he would be there in the 2nd round in which case I would look for defensive help along the DL OR a possible shut down corner. Adrian Peterson as far along in his career as he is is certainly NOT the long term answer at RB for the Cowboys. One other thing Jones might want to think about is if the signing of AP would bring controversy to the Cowboys organization from sponsors there.

So Whats On YOUR Sports Mind on this subject?



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  1. Chrs
    May 9 2015

    Its pretty simple. Romo isn’t going to be around forever either. we got about as many years left in him as we would Peterson. I say the cowboys should at least try and see what the Vikings will take. If the Cowboys got Peterson you could just give the NFC to the Cowboys they would go to the super bowl period. I don’t see anyone beating them. Peterson is that good hes alot better then Walker was when the Vikings did that trade. I don’t know if it will happen but like I said you might as well not even play the games just give the Cowboys the NFC. That line those WR that RB(peterson) and the improved defense. PLEASE its over Cowboys all most went to the NFC championship game (it was a catch) and they would have had a damn good chance to go to the super bowl.

    • May 9 2015

      Yeas I agree Chris, If Dallas can get Peterson for the right price then of course it would be worth the risk, when you take Romo’s timetable into consideration, but I don’t believe Minnesota is going to let AP go for just one 1st rd. pick. If Adrian is that much better than Herschel Walker like you say, considering what the Vikings gave up to get Walker 25 yrs. ago (granted it was foolish on their part to give up SO much for one player), wouldn’t you think the Vikings would have the right to ask for even more for Peterson’s services in this day and time? I also don’t think the Vikings have forgot who came out on top in the Walker trade, they were humiliated and had to live with it for a long time so I certainly wouldn’t think they would be willing to get burned again and definitely not by the Cowboys yet again. I also agree that Romo’s window for winning a Super Bowl is beginning to close and in My Sports Mind I feel that Dallas needs to go ahead and really should have already drafted his successor when you look at all the great QB’s that Dallas has let go by in draft after draft since Romo has been the starter. Because all of a sudden the Cowboys have become almost completely rebuilt on offense and defense and are ready to start challenging for SB titles again. The only position on the team that’s not been rebuilt and could greatly jeopardize their chances IS the QB and when you have as young a team as the Cowboys now have, You’ve GOT to have that young franchise QB as well so that all the young talent Dallas has worked so hard to accumulate don’t go to waste in two or three years when Romo could retire and currently there’s no one adequate to step in. When a team rebuilds they normally build their team around the franchise QB. This time around Dallas took the opposite route by building this team around aging Romo and if I’ve said this once I’ve said it a million times, you can have the BEST talent of any team at all the positions on the field but if your starting QB goes down for the season, all that talent no longer amounts to a hill of beans unless you have a very good backup ready to step in and thats usually just not the case. Even with Dallas’s ALL PRO Mammoth offensive line they now have, say should Romo get knocked out for the season early in 2015 due to a back injury, when you look at the Cowboys other QB’s their season would likely be toast and all the GREAT rebuilding the Cowboys have took SO long to accomplish would be in limbo and as short as an NFL players career is limbo’s NOT good. So I feel time is of the essence for Dallas to get that next franchise QB, while this young team is primed and ready, and yes I do also agree with you concerning Dez Bryant. It WAS a catch for sure.

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