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February 12, 2015


Should Pete Rose Be Allowed In The Hall Of Fame?

by Larry Leek


Now that baseball has a new commissioner (Rob Manfred) who was recently elected as baseball’s 10th commissioner, the subject has come up again about reinstating Pete Rose & allow him the chance to be voted into the Baseball Hall Of Fame (Still NO Guarantee the voters would elect him). Rose who was banned permanently from baseball on August 23rd 1989 for gambling on baseball while a player/manager for his former team the Cincinnati Reds has already on more than one occasion pleaded his case to baseball. It is expected that Pete Rose’s lawyer will plead Rose’s case to the new commish. Manfred has already stated on ESPN’s Mike & Mike In The Morning recently, that he expects to hear from Rose’s lawyer soon & that they WILL sit down to discuss this. After Rose blatantly denied for YEARS that he did NOT gamble on baseball & even after team mates like Johnny Bench unknowingly defended Rose all that time. Only to find out years later that Rose did in fact bet on baseball finally by his admittance. SO the question is should Rose be allowed that chance. Especially when you look @ all the stats Rose achieved over the years & when you consider that the Hall Of Fame IS for a players achievements ON the field NOT off, should the off the field activities matter?

This Is Whats On MY Sports Mind about this subject.

I do believe that Pete Rose should have been banned for what he did, however no matter how long he denied what he did, even though being dishonest is NEVER a good thing. My 1st thought & always my MAIN thought in this is going to be one simple word, Forgiveness. I now will ask the question WHO on this earth is above it? My book says NO ONE. So if that’s the case & IT IS. Is there any man created sport out there that IS above forgiveness? NO. If a college program should receive the death penalty is it FOREVER? I mean the word Death means cease to exist. But for the program it is not permanent.I do think that Pete should be reinstated in MY Sports opinion, simply because no one or THING is above Forgiveness, so DO NOT act as though you are, everyone on this earth is human & susceptible to doing wrong or worse. Gambling like alcoholism is a well known sickness, Note: I said SICKNESS that requires healing & FORGIVENESS. Should Rose be allowed back into the everyday operations of baseball again, I might have to ask a recovering alcoholic if he thinks it’s ok for him to take a drink on occasion & go by his answer on that question. But as far as an opportunity to get elected into Baseballs HOF, for one of the GREATEST players to ever play the sport, who’s name made millions to the sport (WAY more then he could have ever possibly gambled away on it) & also to have had the pleasure to witness it ALL. My vote goes to Pete & while we are @ it, I also vote for him into the Hall as well, IF I had the chance.

Whats On YOUR Sports Mind on this subject.



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  1. Edwin Stroud
    Feb 20 2015

    Yes he should


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