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February 8, 2015


What If College Football Coaches Could Finally Put An End To Recruiting.

by Larry Leek

Zoned US MapCollege Draft RulesCollege recruiting has never been near the perfect tool for college coaches to use in order to get talent to come to their schools.  In fact it is FAR from perfect to the degree that it promotes dishonesty among the coaches and the young kids involved. It’s basically a crap shoot that demands LOTS of hours of traveling/expense each and every year.  College coaches spend hours upon hours, LONG days traveling from one recruit’s location to another and another, in the end ALL of the time spent on any one recruit can end up being nothing more than a complete waste of time and money.

The sad thing is that these recruits will give college coaches their word that they are coming to play for them in the form of a verbal commitment, many times, only to go back on their word & end up going elsewhere & the reasoning behind changing their decision can be anything from not wanting to go too far from home to the team they verbally de-committed from having a sub par or losing season.

Regardless the fact remains that very few high school players that are offered scholarships to play college football wind up choosing the school they attend for the academics the school offers, instead they choose the school where they think they have the best chance of winning and also getting noticed by NFL scouts. For college coaches, there are numerous obstacles they must overcome including cheating by other coaches that use illegal fringe benefits to lure players to their schools. It can really be a nightmare for many of these coaches trying to restore a program.

I’ve always been a fan of the South Carolina Gamecocks, who as of late have enjoyed some success. Over the previous three seasons, prior to this year the Gamecocks had a string of three straight 11-2 seasons, however at the end of the 2013 season saw the Gamecocks lose many of their top contributors from those three seasons to the NFL or graduation.

The beginning of this season it appeared the Gamecocks success on the field was paying off in big dividends in recruiting, as it appeared they were headed for a banner recruiting year, they were ranked in the top 5 classes at that time. After starting out the season with a major loss to SEC East foe Texas A&M 52 to 28, allowing 512 yds. passing It was obvious that the Gamecocks season, who were ranked #9 at the time was in jeopardy.

From what My Sports Mind witnessed, I saw no quick fix to the problems with South Carolina’s defense and I became quite concerned about their recruiting class, assuming the obvious that if they didn’t recover from this huge loss they could start losing valuable recruits who had already given verbals.

In the end South Carolina wound up going 6-6 during the season & their recruiting class fell all the way from 5th to 21st and largely because of the 500 season NOT because the recruits suddenly realized the school did not offer the academics they were seeking.

So a lot of time and money was wasted on these immature kids that are subject to change their minds simply because top players start trending towards playing for a school fresh off a winning season or they begin to think about being too far from home. It can be down right heart wrenching for these coaches, having to deal with these young kids, the dishonest coaches that basically steal recruits from the coaches trying to do things the RIGHT way making it easier and easier, becoming more tempting for the honest coaches to use the same tactics in order keep their JOBS and that’s certainly NOT fair to them.

So what if there was a way to put an end to ALL of this????

This is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject.

If there was a way to take the responsibility of choosing who went where, concerning high school football players away from these immature kids and putting it in the hands of the more mature (in most cases) coaches themselves and at the same time completely put an END to ALL illegal tactics coaches use in recruiting, basically give them no other option BUT to be honest.

What if there was a way to end ALL the thousands of miles and dollars spent by coaches visiting all of these recruits each and every year, in fact turn the THOUSANDS of dollars spent each year on recruiting into THOUSANDS of dollars earned thru promotions and TV contracts.

What if the BETTER way even went as far as to guarantee FAR better parity or competition among teams in every conference in the country and basically give every team a legitimate chance to compete for a national championship. If it could be a WIN, WIN situation for everyone involved, HOW could ANYONE say no to the idea?

Quite honestly I find it hard to believe that something hasn’t already been done to end ALL of the BS that goes with college recruiting.

What if college recruiting ended ALL together would that be so bad?  I say, Definitely NOT, especially if it was scrapped because there was a much better way , in the same manner that the BCS was scrapped for a much BETTER playoff system, of which many said for YEARS would never happen.

With all that said I would like to propose the NEW College Football Draft. I touched on this subject in my National Signing Day blog, so I decided to take it a bit further and even attempt to come up with a system that would work.

A system that would still allow the college athlete the chance to stay close to home, a system that would end all the countless hrs. wasted on recruiting trips that in most cases end up taking LOADS of time away from what the coach would rather be doing and especially when in most cases the trips ends up being a total waste of time PERIOD, in the end the recruit chooses to go else where.

You will notice on this blog I have posted has two images.

A map of the US, that is divided into 5-zones, also you will notice that I have put Alaska & Hawaii in zone 4.

The other is a list of basic rules that I came up with for the draft.

The map is divided into 5-zones because of a number of GREAT reasons and to help speed up the draft process, allow college athletes to stay closer in proximity to home and to end most of the major miles coaches would travel to talk with possible draftees.

Basically ALL the eligible high school players living within their respective zones will go into a pool that the universities also located in that zone would choose from. NO school would be allowed to pick players located in other zones. The teams would each get one pick per round and would continue in that order until ALL scholarships are used.

In my plan there would still be one power that would still be granted to the student and ONLY THE STUDENT, which would allow him to request a transfer to another zone keeping in mind that any team in that transfer zone would be eligible to draft him still eliminating the definite possibility of the recruit going to a particular team in that zone  @ the same time completely eliminate to possibility of any illegal activities by the coaches.

Each zone would be allowed only so many transfers per draft and ALL zones would receive the same number of transfer request’s each year, if that assigned number of requests should all get used up then NO other requests would be allowed in order to keep the integrity of each zone in tact as far as quantity and also so the quality of the draft for those teams with in that zone would not be compromised.

The transfers would be taken on a first come first serve basis according to post mark dates. If a player is allowed a transfer and then decides against it, the next transfer request would be honored and that student that reneged would have to return to their original zone with no more requests allowed for that student.

The order of draft would be determined in each zone according to the teams in that zone’s won/lost record from the previous season in the order of worst to best to allow the worse teams the chance to compete on a much higher and more even keeled level and in fact give coaches suffering thru a losing season a much more positive outlook for the next season.

This package I came up with is just an idea of how a college draft could work and you have to admit if it could end ALL the woes that go with recruiting (it most certainly would work).

So how could it NOT be considered?

Remember like I said for YEARS, everyone said there’s NO way college football will EVER have a playoff system. Now we do and even after the 1st playoff was held this season, even w/ just 4-teams (which I believe will soon be expanded to 8) you have to admit it was a thousand times better than the old OUTDATED BCS system and since we do now have college football playoffs, I think its time to start talking about taking that NEXT step towards making college football much more competitive not only in every conference but NATIONWIDE.

Give all Division I universities that legitimate shot @ winning a national championship and with all of the evidence before you how in the world can anyone say no?

Just think NO MORE RECRUITING PENALTIES handed down by the NCAA EVER. NO MORE punishing students by not allowing them to play in bowls due to sanctions caused by players or fired coaches who committed the violations years before they got there, of which they had absolutely NOTHING to do with PERIOD.

It would absolutely END ALL OF these that constantly give college football a black eye.

SO Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject?

Is my system a good one?

If you don’t think so, do you have a better plan OR is there other rules that you can think of that would make MY plan even better?

I’d like to hear from you and IF you are in favor of this plan PLEASE SHARE, because if it falls on deaf ears and gets NO support, then it will ALWAYS be nothing more than an idea. I think there’s never been a better time to consider this than NOW.





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