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February 6, 2015

Atlanta Hawks : Will This Be their Best Season Ever ?

by Larry Leek

Atlanta Hawks v Orlando Magic

The Atlanta Hawks started out the 2014-15 season looking like a typical Hawks team, losing 3 of their first 4 games & 6 of their first 13. Since then Atlanta’s record has been a remarkable 34-3 & they recently had the longest win streak of any team this season snapped (19 games), losing @ New Orleans 115-100 on Feb. 2nd. they are currently leading the East Conference with a record of 41-9 overall & enjoying an 8 game lead on closest contender Toronto. If 100% of all NBA fans were ask to name the starting 5 for Atlanta, 75 to 80% would NOT be able to, in fact many might not be able to name even one. One nice achievement for these no names however is the fact that ALL five of the Hawks starters were named players of the month for January. The Hawks starting five consist’s of  PG Jeff Teague, SG Kyle Korver, PF Paul Milsap, SF Kent Bazemore & C Al Horford. Can this young Hawks team keep up the pace, win the East & run the table in Part 2 of the NBA’s season known as The Playoffs ?

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Part 1 of the NBA season as everyone knows is just a prelude to what many now consider the REAL NBA season which of course is the playoffs. Even thou over recent years is has become more & more evident that teams DO NOT give 100% many times thru out the LONG & tiring regular season & even with that in mind history still proves @ least in the NBA if a team has any hopes of winning IT ALL, it’s not just about making the NBA playoffs, but MOST IMPORTANTLY how high you are seeded. Remarkably over the last 13 years it’s held true that ALL playoff teams that have been seeded #5 & lower, need not apply for a trip to the NBA finals, because over that span the ONLY teams that have made it to the finals have been the 1-4 seeds. The #4 seed has only made the finals twice winning 0 titles & the #3 seed has made it 4-times, winning 1-NBA title during that period. So over the last 13 yrs. the #1 & 2 seeds have squared off 7-times for the NBA title & unless something changes the best that teams who are seeded #5 & lower can realistically hope to finish is no better than #5, so maybe the 5-8 seeds should play in a consolation playoff for the title Team Most Likely To Become A 4th Seed Next Season…. Teams these days however, ARE beginning to wait until just before the playoffs begin before they really start kicking it into SKY gear. SO perhaps w/ teams taking the regular season less serious these days, maybe in the future we will begin to see some of the lower seeds begin to start advancing further into the post season since some of those lower seeded teams could actually be powerhouses in disguise. But if the last 13 years can still be used as any kind of indicator & the season should end today you could almost be guaranteed it would be Atlanta facing Toronto for the Eastern Conference title, Golden St. & Memphis squaring off in the Western finals. As far as Atlanta & Toronto, I would @ this moment, overwhelmingly pick Atlanta to win the east, even though Toronto won both meetings between the two teams early in the season, the Hawks did beat the Raptors in their last meeting 110 to 89 on Jan. 16th. Atlanta has also beaten Memphis in their only meeting thus far this year 96 to 86 in Atlanta. The Hawks play Golden St. for the first time this season in Atlanta tonight @7:30 PM. With all that said, I think this WILL end up being Atlanta’s BEST season EVER & if I must pick a team to win it all this year I would put the Hawks as one of 2-teams that have the best chance to win it ALL, with my only reserve on Atlanta being that the 5-starters for Atlanta ARE virtually unknown & unproven & How they handle the post season pressure remains to be seen, but for now they have to be considered THE TEAM TO BEAT.

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