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February 3, 2015

Johnny Rehab

by Larry Leek
Cleveland Brown's, Johnny Manziel Enters Rehab

Cleveland Brown’s, Johnny Manziel Enters Rehab

Manziel voluntarily & quietly entered himself into a rehab center near Cleveland last Wednesday, adviser Brad Beckworth told on Monday. The news comes as no surprise to many as Manziel is known to have had issues over the years controlling his drinking. It is however a major step towards admitting he has a problem & also a major step towards getting on the RIGHT track. The news however, certainly does NOT help the Browns quarterbacking woes that they have always seemed to have a problem solving. Could this mean the end to Manziel’s time there?

This is Whats On MY Sports Mind On this subject.

The first thing I want to do is extend my FULL support to Manziel. I hope the young man can fully recover from this & go on to lead a SOBER & SUCCESSFUL life. Johnny has taken a MAJOR step towards becoming a man by admitting he has a problem & when you have the status Manziel has vaulted too, that’s NOT an easy thing to do. So ALL the credit in the world to Johnny for being BIG enough to admit he has a problem. NOW as far as the Cleveland Browns are concerned, I have NO sympathy for the Browns for the QB issues they ALWAYS seem to have. Did they NOT know that Manziel has had this problem going back even to his high school days???? His mom even said that Johnny’s BIGGEST issue has ALWAYS been his down time, which means he must ALWAYS be involved in something because once the down time begins & he has nothing to do is where the problem begins. So you would think SOMEONE in the  Brown’s scouting department would have picked up on this minor (MAJOR) issue right???? HELL NO!!!! OBVIOUSLY NOT!!!! Myself being a Cowboy’s fan, YES I SAID FAN!! Even I knew & was SCREAMING at the tv during the 2014 NFL Draft when the Cowboys were on the clock in Rd. 1, that they BETTER NOT draft Manziel & was SO relieved when I heard Zack Martin’s name called (& BOY did that pick pay off for the Cowboys). But my point is that EVEN I KNEW!! So what’s the Browns organization thinking & WHOM exactly is doing it?? The Browns are definitely NOT going to admit drafting Manziel was a mistake YET & maybe w/ Johnny Football now making an effort to straighten out his life, maybe, JUST MAYBE they won’t have to start searching for their next BUST. Maybe Manziel can become the leader to finally END their longtime search, but for now that end seems so FAR away.

Whats On YOUR Sports Mind On this subject?

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