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February 2, 2015


Patriots Super Bowl XLIX Champions

by Larry Leek

Patriots are Super Bowl XLIX Champs3

Just when you thought Seattle was going to pull off their 2nd straight Super Bowl victory & New England QB Tom Brady was going to have it happen to him yet AGAIN; leading at the 2-minute warning for the 3rd time in a Super Bowl only to watch his team lose the previous two in the waning minutes.

When Jermaine Kearse made the GREAT catch to give Seattle 1st & goal at the Patriot’s 5 yard line, you had to believe they were going to pull it out. But a game saving interception by Patriots Rookie, (Undrafted Free Agent) SS Malcolm Butler accomplished a few MAJOR goals for not just the outcome of the BIGGEST game of the year, by sealing the win, ONE CATCH, ALSO it also gives Tom Brady followers the right to boast him as the greatest QB EVER, the right for the Patriots to boast as the greatest team ever. ONE CATCH prevented the Patriots SB record from falling to 3 & 3 & the team from falling into Super Bowl into mediocrity. One catch also sealed the Seahawks fate to become yet another of the few who have came so close to Back To Back Super Bowl wins only to fall short by THAT much….

Final Score New England 28 Seattle 24.

Whats On My Sports Mind On this subject.

WOW!! 2nd & goal on the one yard line. NO MARSHAWN LYNCH, NO BOOTLEG, TE ROLL to a NO NAME. Instead a forced pass from within the red zone up the middle. A definite NO NO!!!! Russell Wilson will run that play over & over for the rest of his life & in the end there’s NOTHING he can do to change the BAD decision he made on that one VITAL play. Whoever called the play to begin w/ has NOT done very much study on successful offensive plays that produce 7-points in the red zone, OBVIOUSLY. So basically, even though Tom Brady took the Patriots down the field on what turned out to be the game winning drive, in the end it was Patriots SS Malcolm Butler’s Interception, the Seahawks coaching staff for the BAD play call & Russell Wilson’s BAD decision w/ the interception that may have decided what MANY will now claim… Tom Brady, Greatest Quarterback EVER.

What’s YOUR Sports Mind On this subject ?

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  1. Feb 2 2015

    Dumbest call in a Super Bowl ever. Wilson is a barely mediocre QB at best.

  2. Jason Leek
    Feb 3 2015

    I agree. Of all the calls to make in such an important moment in the biggest game of the year. A pass up the middle??? Really!!

  3. Feb 3 2015

    Coach Carroll stated that they didn’t have the right defense for a run,so they wasted a play to avoid a loss of yds. by running & was going to run on the next 2 plays, being that was 2nd down, my ? is how does he know they would get a pass defense on the next play, on the one yd. line ? Not likely w/ Lynch in the lineup & if they wanted to waste a play, why didn’t they just throw it out of the back of the endzone ?


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