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January 28, 2015

The Marshawn Lynch Circus

by Larry Leek
Marshawn Lynch

I’ll Say It Ten More Time’s ! I’m Just Here So I Don’t Get Fined….

Marshawn Lynch continues his silent treatment towards the media this week in Phoenix, Az. leading up to Super Bowl XLIX (49). It seems that the reporters at media day are having a contest to see who can get Lynch to say anything… ANYTHING at ALL & he did of course SHOW UP & did have something to say, OVER & OVER again. Not to mention, what he had to say was very Important on the subject of Super Bowl XLIX, which was “I’m just here so I don’t get fined.”

This is Whats On MY Sports Mind on the subject.

WOW!!! I couldn’t believe he let the cat out of the bag on that. What locker room material for the Patriots RIGHT? Well not exactly & I guess that’s one thing you will NEVER be able to accuse Marshawn Lynch of providing the opposing team with. BUT if you want to get Lynch to talk maybe the BEST way is to completely IGNORE the silent running back & go as FAR as to act like he is NOT even present. MAKE him show up & then treat him like a GHOST & maybe he will get the message that NO ONE really wants to talk to him ANYWAY. I mean if someone doesn’t want to talk to me PERIOD, do you think I would be RUNNING OVER w/ things to say to him? HELL NO. Lynch is no better of a human being than ANYONE else on the planet & if he chooses to be below that grade to the media, WHO CARES. I assume he has NOTHING important to say, so it don’t even matter. Why waste your valuable time & $$$$ on something that’s NOT WORTH it!! In fact, instead of fining him for NOT talking, maybe the NFL should pay him & players like him to NOT show up. Wouldn’t that be better for everyone & even keep the reporters from wasting their VALUABLE time? HELL I would chip in a few bucks to pay them to STAY AWAY. Lynch’s teammates talk about him like he is such a great person. I’ve never personally met him & cannot say, but myself, I just cannot completely ignore people for fear of what they may print or just to look like a badass to others, or whatever the reason, no more than I can ignore anyone for that matter. There’s absolutely NO point to it except to show the world that you think you are ABOVE the ones asking the questions. What kind of example are you showing to the kids out there Marshawn ???? OH I forgot you ain’t talking……..

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