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January 27, 2015

What Should Cowboys Do About Bryant/Murray Situation ?

by Larry Leek

Dez and DeMarco

With the Cowboys facing the problem of having to re-sign both Dez Bryant & DeMarco Murray during the same offseason, Jerry Jones has hinted that one MAY have to GO…. & he also has said he will NOT allow Dez to get away. With that in mind you have to realize that it’s HIGHLY possible that come the 2015 season Murray will not be part of the Cowboys roster.

This Is Whats On MY Sports Mind about this subject.

If you look @ it a little deeper, perhaps Dez would be (If the ONLY option), the right choice, when you consider the average life of a running back in the NFL (only 3.5 yrs), + the fact that ANY RB w/ over 350 carries in a season has ALWAYS had a decline in carries & total yds. in each of their seasons there after. Murray had 392 carries, not counting the postseason which put him over 420 total. couple that w/ another fact, which is that DeMarco Murray was injury prone in each of his 1st 3-seasons leading up to this his re-signing year & look what he did on the field to BOLSTER his price tag. Do you think after he gets his BIG FAT contract from whom ever, that he will duplicate or better the performance he had in 2014 ? The ODDS say no. With  Dez Bryant you have to feel there’s a lot more to come & w/ Murray you can’t be sure. It is possible both could be resigned by the Cowboys IF other players like Tony Romo are willing to re-structure their contracts & Romo has already said he is willing to do so. what’s on my sports mind concerning this… It would be GREAT if they could keep them both, like they did w/ the tripplets Aikman, Smith & Irvin & see if Romo has it in him to even acquire one ring, BUT if it comes down to one having to leave, then it should be Murray in my opinion. The up coming draft is Running back HEAVY & Dallas can easily find one w/ their 1st round pick + they have other RB’s on the roster, like Joseph Randall & Lance Dunbar that have shown flashes @ times, though nothing like Murray displayed this past season. So whats on your spots mind on the subject ?

Tell Us, Whats On Your Sports Mind:

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