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January 27, 2015

Owner Kraft defends Belichick, Brady

by Larry Leek


New England Patriots Owner, Robert Kraft defended Coach Bill Belichick & Tom Brady upon his arrival in Phoenix yesterday. Kraft also called the NFL out demanding an apology for their accusations concerning deflate-gate.

This is What’s on MY Sports Mind about the subject….

SO if Robert Kraft is SO sure of the Patriots organization, Belichick & Brady’s innocence, then I guess he knows something HMMM. Lets hope so anyway. If Kraft is being sincere (& more than likely IS) & doesn’t know something WE don’t & is willing to stick his neck out in the midst of the evidence laid out before him & the TRUTH turns out to be otherwise & Belichick &/OR Brady are proven guilty down the road, you can bet whomever will DEFINITELY be canned NO If’s and’s OR Butts about it. Maybe it WAS the ball boy who took it upon himself while taking a whiz. Maybe it wasn’t… BUT if it should turn out to be other than the hired help, I can’t help but say one comment about the BRILLIANT person for dreaming up such a brainstorm. If you are really that scared of your opponent, just do me one favor & get OFF the freaking football field……

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