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January 26, 2015

Kobe To Have Surgery

by Larry Leek

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant will have surgery Wednesday on his torn right rotator cuff, likely ending his 19th season with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The team announced Bryant’s surgery Monday. He injured his shoulder last week in New Orleans. The Lakers will announce a timetable for Bryant’s recovery after surgery but coach Byron Scott anticipates losing the third-leading scorer in NBA history for the rest of the season.

For Kobe, who’s had a Hall Of Fame career & who’s been a warrior throughout the entirety of it, seems to have now entered the twilight of his career. One opponent NO athlete can ever defeat is time. The torn rotator cuff is likely Kobe’s 3rd straight season ending injury, injuring his achilles tendon in 2013 & breaking a bone near his left knee last season after only 6-games.

Whats On MY Sports Mind on this subject,

Kobe, It’s time to nurse your wounds, garnish those 5-world championship rings, Get on ESPN as an NBA Analyst & hang the Jersey in the closet for GOOD. It’s terrible when the body is WAY ahead of the mind when it comes to aging IN most cases. Believe me at 55 yrs. young I know all too well. So you have to look around Kobe at the players around you & realize many were infants OR NOT even born, when you broke into the NBA. So basically when it gets to that point, it’s like playing in a league w/ your son & HIS friends & that’s just NOT cool. When ALL of your friends & long time rivals have ALL gone from the game & it’s just YOU left, the fun has all but evaporated & now you have gone from one of the guys to a prima donna. SO Kobe get well, retire, stay involved w/ the NBA in other ways, cause frankly I believe (Unlike Michael Jordan) you would excel & I hope to see you soon beside Sir Charles.

Kobe’s numbers to his credit are still respectable, though nothing like in his prime, there are still NBA players & young ones playing that would love to be averaging 22.3 PPG. It’s just that as durable as Kobe has been for 90% of his career, over the last 3-seasons he hasn’t been able to complete one & all 3-season ending injuries were nothing to sneeze at. So let me say it once more Kobe…. RETIRE!!!

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