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January 23, 2015

Mariota To The NFL

by Larry Leek


Since Marcus Mariota’s college career is now over being that he has officially declared for the NFL Draft (April 30th – May 2nd In Chicago, IL.) How high will the 2014 Heisman Trophy winner be drafted & how well do you think he will do in the NFL ?

This is Whats on MY sports mind concerning this subject :

To answer Question #1. You 1st have to ask yourself WHO (when considering QB’s) would you select 1st IF the choice was yours. Jameis Winston, Fla. St. or Mariota. Most expert analyst have said they would pick Winston hands down even considering some of the misconduct issues he had while at Florida St. because of his pocket passing ability vs Mariota’s wide open style. So say Winston goes #1 to Tampa Bay, then you have to consider the next teams in line. DO they need a QB? Those teams currently are 2. Tennessee Titans 3. Jacksonville 4. Oakland 5. Washington 6. NY Jets 7. Chicago  8. Atlanta 9. NY Giants 10. St. Louis. So you see if Winston goes 1st & the Titans pass on Mariota are the next 8-teams going to abandon their current investments with the current starting QB’s, thus admitting they were WRONG in their ventures, you would have to think Mariota could fall a bit in Rd. 1 & possibly land on a team where he would sit until an opportunity should arise to prove his worth. IF Tennessee should draft him, well you know the quality of the team overall including the offense is well…. to say the least, BAD….Not a good way to break into the NFL for Mariota & it could spell DOOM. In ALL honesty MY Sports Mind tells me it would be in Mariota’s BEST interest to land on a team & go thru the Aaron Rogers experience so he can have the chance to overcome some of his SHORTcomings. Which takes us to Question #2….

Question 2. Well that simply takes viewing some film on the kid & once you do, you can see he has plenty of athletic ability, a nice arm, BUT a few HUGE issues that should have been corrected well BEFORE entering the NFL. So there ARE glaring chinks in Mariota’s armor. the MAIN two are that #1 Mariota has rarely EVER lined up behind center; something he will HAVE to learn in order to play in the NFL & #2 which is the biggest obstacle of the two, the fact that when Mariota is attempting to pass the ball, when checking off his receivers if option #1 is NOT there Mariota tends to get the jitters & usually takes off running. For QB’s to rely predominately on their feet, usually does NOT dictate well into the NFL & trying to learn to check off the remaining 3 to 4 receivers in a formation in the NFL vs college is eons apart when you consider the increase in overall SPEED of NFL defense’s vs college. Making just that adjustment alone is a learning curve that many NEVER overcome, then to have to overcome that & For Marcus Mariota trying to find time to pick up on the other receivers will IN MY sports mind be an obstacle that Marcus will NOT be able to overcome. I think in the end he will fall in the same sentence & conversation w/ other QB Bust’s like RGIII, Ryan Leaf, Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn, Vince Young, David Carr, Andre Ware, JaMarcus Russell to name just a few of the MANY….

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