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January 23, 2015


Deflate-Gate! What Should Be Done?

by Larry Leek

To me, the punishment for the Patriots and/or Bill Belichick has to be more severe than what the punishment was for the Saints.

Here’s the link to Troy’s comments.

This is whats on MY Sports Mind on the subject:

In football they’ll do ANYTHING to gain an advantage. When they have practices that are open to the public, I guarantee you at each teams practice there are at least 31 of those fans are actually scouts for the other 31 teams. When a QB throws a pass & 5-seconds AFTER a Defensive Tackle named Oscar Isgonapop(3rd stringer), comes in LATE & RINGS the QB’s bell, putting him out of the game & causing POOR Ole Oscar to get ejected. But NOBODY misses a 3rd stringer…RIGHT? That’s strategy & at all levels of Football, YES even High School, it happens all the time. I heard an ex-NFL Player say…if you microscoped ALL 32 NFL teams you would find that they ALL cheat in one way or another & to be honest…. I believe him. Because coach’s, players & TRUE fans have always saw it as a war out there on the GRIDIRON. This isn’t Baseball on a diamond you know. But the NFL is trying to make it that way. If you read about some of the teams from the 60’s & 70’s & some of the things THEY pulled on & off the field, you would see. I’m sure many remember the infamous Snow Plow game, between… YES(sigh) New England (again) & Miami. Many may think nothing came of what Pats coach Ron Meyer did that day but indeed the NFL made sure of it for 10 years after that season. ALL of the games being played in New England between the Dolphins & New England, were played early in the season before the weather had a chance to turn soooo cold & snowy lol…. But NO fines & NO Suspensions. I honestly do NOT think 2lbs. less PSI on the balls helped much in the stomping the Pats put on the Colts. I just laugh about it & chomp it up as another CRAZY stratagestic brainstorm that NFL coaches dream up trying to get an advantage over their opponent. JUST LIKE a military field general trying to come up w/ the same unstoppable offensive against the enemy. I think a lot of today’s NFL fans & media have either forgotten about things the NFL has always done behind the scenes OR they wasn’t around to remember….

Now that you’ve heard what’s on MY sports mind, tell me what’s on your’s about the subject…..

Tell Us, Whats On Your Sports Mind:

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  1. Alan
    Apr 22 2015

    Andrew Luck’s balls were Over inflated to start the game, a move he copied from his hero Aaron Rogers, who has admitted to liking Hard Balls, which he claims fly longer and straighter.
    The col,d rainy weather reduced the hardness to normal for Luck and lower than normal for Brady.
    End of that part of the story.
    The NFL is dragging their feet because they know they jumped the gun and their own Refs. had no real plan to inspect the balls pre-game. That might take real work, which was not yet a stringent method on their job description.
    Roger Goodell now fears his lack of diligence in having the Refs testing balls a mandatory pre-game ritual, will now cost him his job. Then Goodell has to worry that his decisions are impossible when having to realize that Brady is guiltless, that he might have to treat Andrew Luck’s cheating in the very same manner the haters are calling for on Brady.
    Revenue streams for either team and the teams they are scheduled to play are in jeopardy.
    THAT is the ONLY thing that concerns the NFL.

    • Apr 22 2015

      Don’t surprise me Alan. QB’s all have their twerks for sure & a harder ball might be easier to throw for some but not so much for others because an over inflated ball also makes the ball heavier, which makes it harder to throw it further. I appreciate you comment.

    • May 8 2015

      Yes you are correct about many calling for Brady’s head especially after the release of the Wells report, concerning the text’s that took place. I do NOT think Brady should be suspended, but likely he will be. I just don’t feel there’s enough solid proof unless he admits to it @ some point in the near future.


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