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January 21, 2015

Will Kentucky Go Undefeated?

by Larry Leek

Kentucky Basketball

So far no one has been able to defeat the Kentucky Wildcats ( 18-0, 5-0) in this college basketball season & as the season progresses it looks more & more like no one will. I guess Coach Calipari will be sending in another set of freshmen next season after all of this talented bunch declare for the NBA after this season. But that shouldn’t be a tall order for Calipari who has already proven he can do it w/ NO issues recruiting wise & lets NOT forget where Coach Cal. is recruiting from.

Whats on MY Sports Mind on the subject:,

I think the Wildcats will more than likely go undefeated during the regular season & on thru the SEC tournament. As far as March Madness, anything could happen & there are ONLY  a couple of teams that could potentially upset the Cats on their way to the BIG dance. Here are those, IN MY Sports opinion.

1. Virginia Cavaliers 18-0, 6-0: Has also yet to be defeated & in the Powerful Basketball ACC is an accomplishment in itself.

2. Duke Blue Devils 16-2, 4-2: Maybe Coach K can find a way to beat Kentucky IF the game is played in the right venue w/ the right crowd, but it would take a LOT of effort from this team.

So Whats your thoughts on this & who do you think can beat Kentucky this year.

Tell us what’s on your sports mind:


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