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January 21, 2015

Who’s The Best Ever?

by Larry Leek


If you have to pick who you think the BEST to ever play in the NBA, once every NBA fan no matter how big, has cast their vote, you would have numerous names for sure. However 3-would more than likely get the highest number of votes. Michael Jordan (gathering the most), Lebron James & Kobe Bryant. 

This is whats on MY Sports Mind on The Subject:

Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan….Stats, Stats & again MORE Stats tell IT ALL in this case. Michael WINS OUT!!!! If you want to have a contest for 2nd; thus far Kobe has an edge on Lebron. Lebron is the peoples favorite popularity wise I think. I have to give the edge for 2nd at this point to Kobe because of his EXTREME competitiveness, HEART & determination… I have yet to see quit in Kobe where as I have in King James, though Both are GREAT in their own right.

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